Cadouri handmade: papuci croșetați, model Minion

UPDATE: Pattern available on & Ravelry!

RO: Când vine vorba de a oferi un cadou, presupun că mulți oameni se poticnesc la capitolul: ce anume i-ar plăcea? Eu sigur mă lăsam copleșită de ideea: „dacă n-o să-i placă”?

Apoi, cel puțin o dată în viață ne-am pus întrebarea: ce cadou i-aș putea oferi unui om care are de toate? Chiar dacă nu e un cadou scump, aș vrea să fie … unic. Ceva inedit, ceva care-i amintește sărbătoritului(ei) de o pasiune, de un moment anume din viața sa ori de o glumă care are o anumită semnificație.

Și uite așa ajung la croșetă și fire. Prin croșetat se pot realiza o sumedenie de produse, de proiecte personalizate, în funcție de preferințele personale. Așa am ajuns să-l fac pe minionul Joey, spre exemplu.

De ce să oferi cadouri handmade? Pentru că, spre deosebire de cadourile pe care le găsești în magazine, produsele lucrate manual sunt realizate într-un număr limitat și niciun produs nu se aseamănă cu celălalt. Știi sigur că doar tu ai acel produs și că nu mai există vreunul la fel.

În ceea ce ne privește, vă ajutăm cu drag, numai să ne scrieți din timp. Doar știți că un lucru bun nu-i făcut în grabă și nu-i nici 2 lei.

Iată-i pe cei 2 musafiri șmecheri cu care m-am distrat de dimineață, fotografiindu-i. Și-au luat zborul spre un oraș mai mare, iar de mâine vor aduce zâmbetul pe buze unui om bun. Sunt croșetați din fire Red Heart și au talpă care nu alunecă pe gresie ori podele.


EN: I believe that many people find it pretty hard to give the ideal gift. I mean, I always used to think: „what if he/she won’t like my gift?”. Then I was like: what kind of gift is suitable for a person who has it all? Even if we’re not talking about expensive gifts, I want my present to be unique, different. Something that reminds he/she of a hobby, a special moment in life or of an inside joke with a certain touch.

And this is how I got to make these slippers. I  mean, with some yarn and a crochet hook you can make just about anything. And I mean that.

Why should you offer handmade gifts? Because unlike those already packed gifts you can buy from the supermarket, handmade gifts are truly unique and limited. Each product is different although it might represent the same model. With handmade you know for sure your gift is one of a kind. And that tells the other person that you really took the time to find a suitable gift. That you really care.

Here is my latest fun project: minion slippers. Made with Red Heart Yarn with a non slippery sole.

Pattern is on Ravelry as well 

papuci crosetati

papuci minion

Cauți un cadou handmade personalizat?


      • Kim Murphy says:

        My teenage son would love to have a pair of these. Any chance of an adult man size pattern? These are so very cute!!

        • Tina says:

          I will be trying to write this pattern in English and figure how to make adult size. Anyone who knows either and willy to share info is greatly appreciated!

      • amanda Hough says:

        I saw earlier this month that there might be a post coming in January of the minion slippers in English… I was wondering if there is an English version of tbe pattern yet… I have looked for other patterns but I dont like them as much as this one.

  1. adrian says:

    as vrea sa stiu cat costa o pereche d papucei de casa minions..sunt pentru o domnisoara…o sa aflu si marimea si o sa va spun cat pot de repede

  2. Mihaela says:

    e ok si atunci doar ca eu ii vreau sigur, deci daca imi poti spune ceva despre comanda, pret etc.,ar fi fantastic. multumesc inc-o data 🙂

  3. Alexandra P says:

    Buna seara. As dori daca puteti sa imi spuneti pretul acestor papucei, cum se procedeaza cu comanda si daca puteti sa faceti pt orice marime. Va multumesc!

  4. Linda says:

    My 4 year old grandson would love these would you please send me the pattern, or tell me how I can order a pair.

  5. Kim Murphy says:

    I accidentally unsubscribed from this link. I would still like to have the adult sized pattern for the these slippers when it is available. Thanks!!

  6. Karolyn Simon says:

    I will pay for copies of the minion slippers (adult sized)pattern and the minion doll. You are very clever to have done these; wish I had even a little bit of your talent! Please let me know when these patterns are available and where to send the money. My grand daughter says “Thank you” in advance!!!

  7. Maria says:

    Boy my grand kids would like these slippers for there Birthday please email yur pattern in English Please Thx. so much

    • Maria Blasdell says:

      Wow my grankids would really like this slippers for there Birthdays but would you send me the English Verizon Thx. So much

  8. April says:

    I would love the pattern to these slippers! I just made my friends son a hat and it would be supper cute to add slippers.
    Thank you!!!

  9. Kelly says:

    Hello Lilisor,

    Is the minion slipper pattern available for purchase ?
    I would love to make some – there are a few minion mad people in my family 🙂
    Thank You

  10. Cristi says:

    As dori si eu sa achizitionez o perechie de papuci minioni. Dar as dori sa stiu pretul produsului si daca este pe stoc.

    Multumesc. 🙂

  11. Casey says:

    Hi! Could you email me the pattern in English please? And is the pattern big enough for a size 8 or 9 in women’s? Thank you!

  12. Tina says:

    Romanian translated via google translate: When it comes to give a gift, I suppose that many people stumble Chapter: what would you like? I sure would let me overwhelmed by the idea: “if not to like?”
    Then, at least once in life we ​​asked what gift I could give a man who has everything? Even if it’s an expensive gift, I want to be … unique. Something new, something that reminds him of the celebrated (her) by a passion for a specific time in his life or a joke that has some significance.
    And so I get to hook and yarn. By crochet can make a lot of products, custom projects, depending on personal preference. So I got to make Petite Joey, for example.
    Why give handmade gifts? Because, unlike the gifts you find in stores, handmade products are made in a limited and no product resembles other. You know for sure that only you have the product and that there is just one.
    As for us, we gladly help, just write us in time. Just know that a good thing is not done in a hurry and there’s no 2 lei.
    Here’s the trick that the two guests had fun morning photographing them. And they took flight to a larger city, and tomorrow will bring a smile to a good man. They are crocheted yarn Red Heart and sole that does not slip on tiles or flooring.

  13. Jenna lane says:

    Hello! I have looked at all the comments above and it is clear that you are very tired receiving comments so I hate to leave you one, I am not trying to be difficult so in saying this I would gladly take any pattern you have and translate it myself (: if you have the time, if not I understand! Thanks so much for you consideration.

  14. Kim says:

    I would love a copy of the minion slippers pattern in English please! These are super cute! These are the only ones I’ve seen that I like. Thank you!

  15. Charlotte Romero says:

    oh my looks like everyone is ask if you don’t mine Can I please have one too the pattern in English? Thank you in advance

  16. Alex says:

    Salut, as vrea o asemenea pereche, marimea 35, imi poti spune te rog detalii despre produs incluzand si pretul?

  17. Ana says:

    Buna ziua!

    As vrea sa va intreb la ce pret sunt papuceii si in cat timp pot fi gata 2 perechi?

    Va multumesc!

  18. Ionut says:

    As dori sa comand o pereche de papuci crosetati minion si as vrea sa stiu ce pret au si cat de repede se face livrarea

  19. Ciobanu Corina says:

    Buna! As vrea sa stiu la ce pret sunt papucii crosetati, model Minion. In cat timp se poate face livrarea?

  20. Roxana says:

    Buna! Ma intereseaza cat costa o pereche de papucei minion si in cat timp ar fi gata comanda? Multumesc!

  21. Jane Campbell says:

    Is the English written pattern ready please. I would dearly love to make these.
    Many thanks.
    I love your creativity.

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