5 reasons why I love winter – Crochet for winter

1. Colorful hats and mittens

The only season when you can have a bad hair day and hide it under a hat is winter! Last month I made 2 biking sets for two wonderful ladies. Among Red Heart Detroit and Red Heart Bella, I also used Red Heart Reflective Yarn, neon green color. Awesome yarn, I tell ya!



2. Hoodies!

I love wearing hoodies! It is so comfy to wear a hoodie or a cowl with a hood, especially when winter is playing tricks with the temperature. If you’re the „I wear a hat from autumn till spring” kind of person, you have no idea what I am talking about. But for most girls, the undecided weather is sometimes a pain in the … knee. 🙂 In Oradea the weather is acting like a princess: during the day the sun is shinning, it almost feels like spring time, once the night sets in, the snow starts to fall. By the next morning, almost all snow vanishes. Imagine that! :))

So yeah, I love wearing hoodies and cowls 😀 This cowl with hoodie was made with Alize Superlana Maxi, a wonderful yarn. It drapes so well and it is so warm!


3. Crochet Slippers!

OMG, where do I begin?! I love crochet slippers. Comfy, easy to wear and these homemade shoes keep my feet warm. I love, love, love crochet slippers! Almost all the slippers from the photo were made with Red Heart Detroit yarn.

Here are a few slippers I made in the last month:



4. Cardigans

Full of color or just monochrome, cardigans and sweaters are on my list of „Favorite clothes”. Take a look at this amazing rainbow sweater I made for a sweet little girl:




5. Crochet blanket

Who doesn’t love to cuddle under a blanket, with a hot tea and a book? Crochet blankets are amazing, warm and suitable to use in all seasons.



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