Crochet minion dress – Rochita minion crosetata

RO: V-am mai povestit cât de mult îmi plac oamenii care-mi oferă ocazia să-mi las imaginația să zburde și să creez modelele mele? Wohooo!, la cât mai mulți și cât mai multe astfel de comenzi personalizate!
Rochița minion crosetata pentru o fetiță de un an e un exemplu perfect. Am folosit atât croșeta de 4 mm, cât și pe cea de 5 mm, întrucât am combinat fire de bumbac de diverse grosimi.

Pentru croșeta de 4 mm am folosit firul Schachenmayr Catania galben și negru, optând pentru Cotton Pearl de la Performance pentru croșeta de 5 mm. Catania e un fir drag mie, îl folosesc mereu pentru amigurumi, însă Cotton Pearl a fost o noutate. Și o surpriză foarte plăcută. Se lucrează bine – deși, recomand a folosi croșeta metalică, cea de lemn s-ar putea să agațe, iar firul să se desfire, întrucât nu e exagerat de răsucit. Am spălat rochița manual – eram curioasă să văd dacă se decolorează ori dacă-și pierde ținuta. Dar, asemenea oricărui fir de bumbac, intră ușor la apă, apoi își revine la forma inițială de îndată ce e purtat.

Un fir pe care cu siguranță îl voi mai comanda, chiar dacă trebuie să aștept câteva săptămâni livrarea de peste hotare!

Cum vă place rochita minion crosetata?

EN: Not long ago I wrote about how much I love it when customers give me the opportunity to create my very own patterns and projects. Wohooo! I just wish more people would do that!

This crochet minion dress was created after a wonderful lady told me: „Can you please make a minion dress for a sweet baby girl? Her parents are huuuge Minions fans!”. So after a few pencil sketches, I came up with this lovely crochet minion dress.

The minion baby dress was made of cotton, Schachenmayr Catania – yellow and black -, and Cotton Pearl by Performance – the blue yarn. I used both the 4 mm and the 5 mm crochet hooks, as the yarns do not have the same thickness. Cotton Pearl is a new yarn for me, but I fell in love with it. It’s soft, I loved how easy it is to work with it and after washing – I hand washed the dress to see if the water would turn blue – the dress was just as cute as before washing.

I really love this yarn. Definitely will buy more, even though I will have to wait for the shipping several weeks.

What do you think about this crochet minion dress?






Cauți un cadou handmade personalizat?

10 thoughts on “Crochet minion dress – Rochita minion crosetata

  1. Francine

    I love your little dress. I wish I could make one the same for my grand babies. I have a few little girls to crochet for. If you do have a written pattern I would love it, but if not could you please give me some idea? Thank you

    Where are you from as I would like to order that yarn you used. Seems very nice.

  2. Francine

    Thank you so much. I think I’ll make this for Christmas gifts. I will patiently wait. Thank you again

    Oh as for the yarn, what country are you from please? I may be able to order that yarn if I know how much is used. Thank you.

    Have a great day.

    1. Lilișor Post author

      I am from Romania, but the Cotton Pearl Performance yarn was purchased from Bulgaria, online.
      Check out their website:
      Its a bit pricey, but it is wonderful.
      As far as I remember, I used 3 balls of aquamarine blue, that means about 150 gr., each ball is 50 grams, about 110 meters. You can also find Cotton Queen yellow on that website, that is what I used for the upper part of the dress.

      1. Francine

        Thank you. I will go check this out.

        Will you be selling your pattern or making it free for us? Will it be printable? Can you email me when it’s ready please?

        Thank you
        From Canada

  3. Francine

    Me again sorry. So I went to look at the site. Could you tell me the number of the blue as I don’t see the name of the colour. I found the yellow. I found the black. I think I need white and grey also.

    Thank you again.

    1. Lilișor Post author

      Just pick any blue, it doesn’t really matter. I ordered 3 types of blue. I do not know which one is which because my cat decided it was awesome to play with the labels. And when I say play, I mean she munched on those pieces of paper. She does that from time to time. Especially when I work too much and ignore her.
      Just pick any blue you like, that is what I did.

  4. Francine

    Well it’s been over 1 month since we last spoke. Are you feeling better than in September? I hope so. Did you ever on dear more yarn like the one you used for this skirt/dress pattern? And finally, is the pattern ready yet? Or are you still working on it? Thank you. Have a great day.



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