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Fun crochet projects

Fun crochet projects

Here are a few crochet projects I finished last month. I love it when people say: „make it look good” and they allow me to pour my creativity in my crochet projects. This way the amigurumi are much more fun for me. And the result is amazing.

For example, this crochet doll is Tess, a salsa dancer. Or it is a salsa dancer in my imagination. Made of cotton yarn, with non allergenic stuffing and acrylic red hair. I loved this project!



These two crochet minions were a lovely gift for a smart little girl, I was told. I had so much fun making these two. 100% cotton yarn and non allergenic stuffing.

crochet minions


And, although it’s not crochet I cannot wait to write about this. This is my first sewing project, a polka dot skirt made for myself. After watching a couple of youtube tutorials, I managed to make this cute skirt. It’s not perfect, but for me it’s a first small successful step.
polka dot skirt


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