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Knitting 1.0

Knitting 1.0

I taught myself how to crochet, but knitting was a bit of a stress for me as it seemed a to be trickier. And every time I tried to learn this technique by myself, I ended up frustrated because I could not understand the movements. YouTube tutorials were not that helpful for me, perhaps because I adapted the crochet movements in the knitting style. I am a continental knitter and most video tutorials on youtube are made by English knitters – throwers.

A quiet evening, a small set of bamboo knitting needles and a good teacher – Narcisa. That is all it took for me to learn how to knit. And this new technique got me hooked (ha!) so much that I had to start and complete a project. And this is how I ended up making this very lovely and very easy to knit scarf. So this is Knitting 1.0 for me.

The edge is crocheted because I really like that kind of edge – I learned it from a book a few years ago – a good reason to invest in books and tutorials.

Have you ever struggled with learning how to knit? If so, perhaps I can help by making a few videos about how I start my knitting projects. Let me know in the comments section below if you’d be interested in step by step videos about how I knit continental style.

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