Getting busy with my crochet projects

You know that feeling when you are very tired but super excited at the same time? Tired because of huge amount of work completed in a very short amount of time but super excited because of all the caffeine you had to drink to keep the energy levels high? Well, this is me pretty much every time I have cute projects to complete.

I just finished a wonderful project, a white summer bolero. It is trully wonderful, sadly I cannot show you pictures because unless it is worn by somebody, it doesn’t look that pretty if it’s just laid out on the bed or on a hanger. This project seemed like a never ending story, because the edging is very delicate. But I love, love, love how it turned out. Here’s a sneak peak:



Am I the only crafter who starts working on a project and then when I’m about to finish it, I start working on another project, because I got bored of the first project? Some say I resemble the behaviour of my cat. But I am pretty sure my teeth are not as sharp as hers and I am very sure I do not sleep 18 hours a day! Although sometimes I wish I could sleep for 10 hours straight!


Because I am high on caffeine, I just finished a pattern for a pair of wonderful and very cute baby booties. As soon as I’ll finish processing the pictures, it will be up on etsy.


In the meantime, I think you’ll love this idea of a headband for a baby. Just chain 15 and single crochet in the 6th chain from hook. Then  ch 3, skip 2 sc and single crochet in the 3rd sc. Repeat till the end. Then ch 3 and sc in the second ch from the ch 3 in the previous row. Work as many rows as you need to in order to get the desired length of the headband. You can add buttons to close it or a piece of elastic, its up to you. Add a crochet flower – here is a tutorial for a multi colored flower – and there you have it: a wonderful handmade headband.




But enough about my work. I would like to know more about what are you working on 🙂


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