How not to crochet in the summer time :)

Summer, sun, hot weather, pool, swimming suit, a very comfy chair … can you guess where I’m going with this? Yes, sun burns! Oh, those horrible experiences that leave the skin all red and painful. When you’ll finally get rid of all that pain, the itching starts. And then the skin sheds. It seems like a never ending story.

I love summer, but I am not the kind of person who likes to sit near the pool like a chicken in the oven, getting that perfect tan. My skin is almost always tanned with stripes, because the only way I can get a tan is if I fall asleep in the sun. Which happens once every few years, no matter how much sunblock I use.

I was planning on writing about a few cute projects I worked on during these last two weeks, but then I fell asleep on the edge of the pool. And everything changed, all of my commissions are behind schedule now and I have no pictures with my latest projects. Because its really hard to shoot when all of your body stings or itches. :))) Oh well, next time I’ll use 80 FPS sunblock.

The moral for me is: no matter how good it might feel, do not fall asleep while crocheting under the hot, summer sun!

So here are a few projects finished a while ago:










sir knight caciula crosetata

viking caciula si barba crosetata



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