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Summertime colors

Summertime colors

I love summer, but I can’t stand extreme weather. I love summertime colors, but I really don’t like clowns.

5 reasons why I love summer:

1. It’s my birthday and I get very cool gifts, such as this awesome coffee mug! Thanks, Gabi!


2. I can wear and design lovely hats. Yes, that is the flower made in this free tutorial!



3. Playing with soap bubbles! It’s like being a kid all over again! Thank you, Maria for the pictures ­čÖé



4. For some reason during summer people ask for more colorful projects. During winter time it’s like everyone wants to wear black, grey and brown stuff. But summer┬áinspires my wonderful clients who ask for fun and colorful projects. And I just love that! Slippers made after ÔÇ×Oma slippersÔÇŁ pattern from Mamachee.



5. You can wear silly sandals, with all sorts of colorful add ons.



What’s your favorite season? ­čÖé


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