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Crochet Slippers: Fox

I love to crochet slippers! It’s such an easy and mindless project to make and, without a doubt, a great gift to make for a friend. Especially during winter time, when no matter how warm is inside, it always feels better to have a comfy pair of socks or slippers. I made this pair while listening to Priestdaddy, by Patricia Lockwood, which was an interesting journey through the life of a US Catholic family. So many differences between the Romanian culture and the US Catholic culture.

I made my very first pair of fox crochet slippers about 3 or 4 years ago. And with each new pair, I made progress. I made so many pairs in the last few years, that I could very well have written a pattern about making these slippers. Continue reading


Crochet fox patterns

RO: Că-mi plac vulpile nu-i un secret. În ultimii ani am dezlănțuit mici armate de vulpi bine educate, în toată România (a se interpreta cu umor propoziția).


În timp ce eu croșetam papuci de casă cu vulpe, colega Cati își răsfăța fetițele cu … un model personal de căciuli croșetate în formă de vulpe.


Zilele trecute am făcut cel mai mic model de botoșei cu vulpițe, mici cât să cuprindă și să îmbrace picioarele unui bebeluș de cel mult 6 luni. Grea provocare, dar și amuzantă deopotrivă.

Iar cea mai nouă năzdrăvănie în materie de jucării croșetate e Vasilik, vulpoiul snob. Ahm, pardon, nobil! Povestea lui o regăsiți în articolul dedicat lui, desigur.

Voi ce mai croșetați frumos? 🙂


EN: I love foxes and I love to crochet stuff that resemble these cute creatures. During the last few years I managed to crochet hundreds of fox slippers which are being cuddled and loved as we, ahm, I write and you read 😛

And while I was making fox slippers, my fellow crocheter Cati was making wonderful and cute fox hats for her own lovely girls.

caciula crosetata cu vulpe

Last week I got challenged to make the teeny-tiniest pair of fox slippers: so tiny they fit a 6 month old baby. And the tricky part was in making a fox that was big enough to resemble a fox and tiny enough to … well, fit the shoes.

I am really pleased with the result.


My latest naughty crochet fox is … *drumrolls* Vasilik, the snob, ahem, noble fox. You can read all about his story here.

What are you working on lately?

*thinking out loud: I should really make a fox dress ….*