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crochet shawl lost in time

Crochet – Lost in Time shawl

I have a good crochet & knitting friend, Cati, who’s very talented and crafty (you may have seen some of her work on the blog). This past winter Cati has been crocheting a few shawls, but she fell in love with Lost in Time shawl, created by Johanna Lindahl. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry.

Last fall we both bought a few cakes of Scheepjes Whirl yarn, we both love how this yarn change colors so subtle and we were curious to see how this yarn feels like. This gradient yarn it’s not particularly cheap – about 21 pounds per 220 gr., but its worth every cent!

Because this particular yarn is not available in Romanian yarn stores, we bought it from WoolWarehouse.co.uk – I highly recommend this online store for yarn and needles as the prices are fair and there are so many brands to choose from. And from time to time, the sales campaigns are really good.

Anyway, as I said, my friend, Cati fell in love with the Lost in Time shawl, so as soon as we got the yarn, she made a shawl. And then another one. And another one. I think she made about 4 or 5 shawls using this pattern and various brands of yarn.

And because I’m a curious person, I’ve also started a Lost in Time shawl, using various skeins of yarn I have in my stash, hoping to downsize it. While mine is still a work in progress, Cati’s work is finished and looks amazing!

Here’s her Lost in Time shawl using Scheepjes Whirl yarn. It’s the softest shawl every, perhaps because it’s a blend of 60% cotton / 40% acrylic.

Have you ever made a Lost in Time Shawl? Or have you used Scheepjes Whirl yarn? Would love to read about your experiences with this yarn and/or this crochet pattern. Leave us a comment in the section below 🙂

crochet shawl lost in time crochet shawl scheepjes whirl  lost in time crochet shawl scheepjes-whirl-lost-in-time-crochet-shawl

bouquet of crochet flowers

Weekly crochet flower (II)

RO: Săptămâna trecută, pregătind câte ceva pentru Artist Love Fair, târgul la care-am participat în Oradea, am croșetat și-un mic buchet de flori. Inițial voiam să fac un ghiveci cu o floare crosetata, dar m-a prins atât de tare cartea Dark Places de Gillian Flynn, pe care o ascultam, încât am croșetat și cusut vreo 3 trandafiri. Până mi-am adus aminte de ghiveci, am obținut buchetul din poză.

Și-mi place rezultatul. Uneori cele mai simpatice proiecte ies și din greșală.

Că tot am adus vorba de cărți audio, ador să ascult cărți în timp ce lucrez. Mai ales când am de făcut proiecte pe care le-am lucrat de zeci de ori. Cărțile audio rup monotonia și transformă întreaga atmosferă într-una antrenantă sau misterioasă, în funcție de carte, desigur.

Luna asta ne pregătim de mărțișor, nu-i așa? Anul trecut am făcut zeci de flori în nuanțe de roz și mov, anul acesta am diversificat și-am făcut mărțișoare din multe culori, dar și din fire interesante, de la lână la mohair ori bumbac mercerizat.


EN: Last week, as I was crocheting cute stuff for a handmade fair I went to, I made this little bouquet or roses. It started out as a pot with a big flower, but as I was listening to Dark Places written by Gillian Flynn, I forgot all about my pot flower and made several crochet roses. And before I realized what I was doing, I had already made the pretty bouquet. Oh well, it happens. Sometimes the cutest projects happen by mistake.

Speaking of audiobooks, I love to listen to books when I am working. Especially when I have to make same slippers for the thousand time. Audiobooks set the mood when I am working and I get away from the same routine.

On March 1st and March 8th we are celebrating Womens Day and Mothers Day in Romania, so I made a bunch of crochet flowers using all sorts of colors and yarn textures. I really love to play with shapes and textures of different types of yarn. And flowers are always a good way of using those scraps of yarn you have all laying around the house.

bouquet of crochet flowers




Away from keyboard & hooks

Too much work is not fun without a little break. From Thursday – August 20 – until Monday – August 23rd –  I will be mostly offline, trying to find inspiration in another city and another country. hopefully I will not get lost on the streets of Budapest and I will find a yarn store too.  😀

All your messages and e-mails will be answered as soon as I will be back.

Be nice and play with yarn!



Amigurumi: Crochet Spongebob Squarepants

My „Amigurumi to make” list just got a tiny bit smaller after I was able to cross the Crochet SpongeBob SquarePants toy off of it. I found  several patterns on Ravelry, but then I decided I can improvise and make a SpongeBob of my own. And I am glad I did it, because it really was a very nice amigurumi to make.

For my first crochet Spongebob Squarepants I used a 3 mm crochet hook and Catania yarn. The finished toy measures about 20 cm.

I love how my SpongeBob SquarePants turned out! 🙂


amigurumi spongebob


moss stitch man scarf

WIP: man scarf with Lana Grossa yarn

RO: Presupun că nu-s singura care lucrează mai multe proiecte în același timp. Mă plictisesc lucrând aceeași tehnică mai multe zile la rând, așa că-mi place să alternez. Azi o jucărie, mâine o bluză, poimâine o fustă, apoi iarăși jucăria. De altfel, am observat că stilul acesta de munca e mai productiv pentru jucăriile pe care le fac din imaginația mea, deoarece după 2 zile pot analiza mult mai obiectiv jucăria – și de obicei găsesc ceva ce nu-mi place, desfac, refac etc.

Ultimul proiect în lucru e tot din fire Lana Grossa, cu tehnica Moss Stitch, o tehnică minunată ce aduce cu tricotatul. Deși firul e compus din 80% lână și 20% polyamidă, e moale și potrivit chiar și pentru o eșarfă bărbătească.

Iată un tutorial video excelent realizat de Moogly:


EN: I presume (and hope!) that I am not the only crocheter who has multiple projects on her hooks. I get bored working on the same project for days in a row, so I like to switch among projects. Today I’m working on a new amigurumi, tomorrow crocheting a blouse, the day after tomorrow working on a skirt and then back to the amigurumi. I noticed that switching projects is more productive, especially for toys designed by me. Two days of working on something else clears my head and I can analyze the amigurumi with fresh eyes, noticing anything that doesn’t fit, frogging etc.

My latest WIP is a man scarf Lana Grossa yarn with Moss Stitch, a wonderful stitch. The finished project looks like it is knitted. Although the yarn is 80% wool and 20% polyamide, the thread is soft and suitable for a man scarf.

moss stitch man scarf


Crochet techniques: HDC in the 3rd loop

I fell in love with this technique. A few months ago I made a beanie for myself, with Double Crochet (DC) in the 3rd loop. It looks pretty, it is a good technique for spring-summer slouchy hats, but a beanie worked with half double crochet (HDC) in the 3rd loop looks even more pretty.

The finished product looks like it’s knitted and it’s very flexible. I just love how this technique looks. I even made several other beanies and mittens, soon to feature on this blog.

How does it work? You make regular HDC in the loop that is below the backloop. I made the hat working in the round, because I really do not like to see where a row begins and ends.

hdc in the 3rd loop beanie

Last month I made a black, basic beanie (with a matching beard) using just HDC in the 3rd loop. The beanie looks amazing:


Here is a cowl I made using just HDCs in the 3rd loop:


Isn’t it pretty?

Moogly has an excellent video tutorial for this type of technique and you can also learn how to make a slouchy beanie.


5 reasons why I love winter – Crochet for winter

1. Colorful hats and mittens

The only season when you can have a bad hair day and hide it under a hat is winter! Last month I made 2 biking sets for two wonderful ladies. Among Red Heart Detroit and Red Heart Bella, I also used Red Heart Reflective Yarn, neon green color. Awesome yarn, I tell ya!



2. Hoodies!

I love wearing hoodies! It is so comfy to wear a hoodie or a cowl with a hood, especially when winter is playing tricks with the temperature. If you’re the „I wear a hat from autumn till spring” kind of person, you have no idea what I am talking about. But for most girls, the undecided weather is sometimes a pain in the … knee. 🙂 In Oradea the weather is acting like a princess: during the day the sun is shinning, it almost feels like spring time, once the night sets in, the snow starts to fall. By the next morning, almost all snow vanishes. Imagine that! :))

So yeah, I love wearing hoodies and cowls 😀 This cowl with hoodie was made with Alize Superlana Maxi, a wonderful yarn. It drapes so well and it is so warm!


3. Crochet Slippers!

OMG, where do I begin?! I love crochet slippers. Comfy, easy to wear and these homemade shoes keep my feet warm. I love, love, love crochet slippers! Almost all the slippers from the photo were made with Red Heart Detroit yarn.

Here are a few slippers I made in the last month:



4. Cardigans

Full of color or just monochrome, cardigans and sweaters are on my list of „Favorite clothes”. Take a look at this amazing rainbow sweater I made for a sweet little girl:




5. Crochet blanket

Who doesn’t love to cuddle under a blanket, with a hot tea and a book? Crochet blankets are amazing, warm and suitable to use in all seasons.