A magic room filled with yarn, hooks and needles!

Learn how to knit. Cast on and the Knit stitch


I taught myself how to crochet more than 7 years ago, but learning how to knit was a challenge until about 4 years ago. Every time I sat down with my yarn and needles, watching videos on how to knit and tried to repeat the movements, I thought I need a third or a fourth hand to handle everything at once. I mean, in crochet things are easy: with one hand you handle the yarn, with the other you handle the hook. A piece of…Continue Reading

Knitting 1.0


I taught myself how to crochet, but knitting was a bit of a stress for me as it seemed a to be trickier. And every time I tried to learn this technique by myself, I ended up frustrated because I could not understand the movements. YouTube tutorials were not that helpful for me, perhaps because I adapted the crochet movements in the knitting style. I am a continental knitter and most video tutorials on youtube are made by English knitters – throwers. A quiet evening, a…Continue Reading